In-house Design and Product Development Department – Our creative team constantly monitors industry design and color trends. This allows AHT to likewise develop and offer products that are in tune with those trends for the U.S. and Canadian markets. Our creative team further provides us with the ability to react quickly to our customers' specific needs by custom developing compelling products and programs exclusively for them.

End-to-End Product Solutions – AHT can take its customers from joint (or independent) product concept and design, through cost analysis, to prototype and packaging development, to bulk manufacturing, to timely end product delivery and/or stock program services. This is all accomplished while the customer works with the SAME Project Management Team through all phases of the process, providing seamless communication and guaranteed satisfaction.

Global Sourcing Capabilities – We are not tied down to just a few manufacturing partners, foreign markets or countries. AHT's global network of mill partners allows us to source the best value, with uncompromising quality, every time. We can source to a country's or manufacturer's specific strengths each time we develop a new program or opportunity. Our close mill partnerships also result in AHT being first to learn about new market opportunities, as they emerge.

Quality Assurance Department – Independent in-house field inspectors provide real time quality control inspections at each strategic mill partner we work with. Each stage of production is monitored to ensure proper adherence to our own high quality standards and best industry practices. Our QC inspectors have the authority to halt production based on any observation of sub-standard manufacturing procedures, until it has been duly corrected. Our goal is always "Zero Defects".

Warehousing and Distribution Capabilities – Through our 75,000 square foot warehouse facility located in Charleston, S.C., we offer cross-docking services, customer-specific and general stock programs, container breakdowns to multiple customer destinations and palletization services, if desired. Our EDI capability provides AHT with the ability to offer rapid order receipt, advance shipping notification and quick turnaround shipments to retailers of all types, including on-line E-tailers.